Driving School Automatic - Keys2drive hour plus    2 x 1  hour Lessons for $120 AUTO at Briswide Driving School

Keys2drive hour plus 2 x 1 hour Lessons for $120 AUTO


Conditions Apply to this offer

Must hold an Australian Learner's Licence - International Licences are NOT acceptable

Please DO NOT purchase this package if you are NOT eligible for the free Keys2Drive Lesson

The Keys2Drive Lesson MUST be completed before taking the 2 X 1 hour lessons.

The Lesson is suitable for both new and existing customers. You can get up to 9 hours in your log book with this offer that includes:

  • 60min Free keys2drive Lesson, $110 for an additional 2 X 60 minute lessons.
  • 60 Min + 60 min+60 min total duration.
  • Funded by the Federal Government
  • Learners can only use this offer once
  • Supervisor (a person that has held an open licence for a minimum period of 12 months) MUST attend the Keys2Drivenlesson regardless of learner's age
  • This is a condition set by the Australian Government
  • What Happens in the FREE Lesson? The free lesson runs for 60 minutes, during which the Keys2drive accredited driving instructor will explain the Keys2drive learning approach – ‘Find Your Own Way’ – and offer examples of how it can be used when learning to drive. The remaining lesson time includes a practical demonstration of these skills being used and taught and you will be driving.
  • The Keys2drive free lesson is not intended to replace normal driving lessons rather, it should complement them by empowering learner drivers to ‘Find Their Own Way’ to becoming safer drivers.

Learner drivers will receive training in the best ways to practice, helping them gain the confidence they need to prepare for safe P plate driving and beyond.

Parents/supervisors will come away with tools to help their learner drivers achieve a good foundation for lifelong safe driving.

A Reminder - Who is Eligible

The free lesson is for anyone on their L Plates who has not previously undertaken a Keys2Drive lesson, together with their parent/supervisor (the supervisor is the fully licensed driver who usually accompanies the learner when they drive).

Only learner drivers who have never driven solo before are eligible to apply.

To be eligible for a Keys2drive free lesson the learner driver MUST hold an Australian learner's permit.

Holders of international driving permits upgrading to an Australian licence are NOT eligible for a Keys2drive free lesson.


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