Driving Tests back in June

By Tim
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Driving Test are back.

Here's what we know so you can plan your lessons leading up to your test.

Please book ahead this will be a busy return to tests and lessons.



From 15 June 2020, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) will resume light vehicle practical driving tests for priority customers, in line with updated health and safety advice.  

As health and safety remains our priority, several measures will be introduced to protect applicants and examiners.  

Prioritisation of bookings 
Test bookings will be prioritised for customers who previously had a car test cancelled when the suspension was announced.  

Prioritisation will also be given to customers who require a driver licence: 

  • as it is critical for employment 
  • to access medical treatment for themselves or a member of their family 
  • to get to or from their educational institution 
    for other exceptional circumstances. 

Booking a priority test 
TMR will contact all customers who previously had a test?cancelled?with details about rebooking a new test, when bookings become available.? 

The date the cancelled test was due to take place will determine when you can contact us to book a new test, as outlined below. 

If the cancelled test was due to take place: 

  • on or before 9 April, you may call to book a new test from Monday 8 June 
  • after 9 April, you may call to book a new test from Monday 22 June. 

From your allocated date, you can book a new test by calling 13 23 80 between 8am and 5pm. When asked to provide the reason for your call, say ‘driving test’. Your test will be booked to take place from 15 June onwards. 

If you wish to book a test for a customer who has not had a test cancelled, but meets one of the other priority criteria, please direct them to complete the F5295 Application for Prioritised Test Booking form and send it to drivingtests@tmr.qld.gov.au

Booking a non-priority test, means you have to wait for now.
Customers who do not qualify for a priority driving test should continue to check for updates at www.qld.gov.au/transport/covid-19-transport/practical-driving-tests. 

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