Logbook exemption from 100 hour logbook rule

By Tim
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Surge in Queensland learner drivers

gaining exemption from 100-hour logbook rule

At Briswide driving school we are not here to judge.

We are here to help promote safe and responsible driving.

Everyone's life circumstances are different.

Bottom line, we are here to help.

Here are the basic facts about exemptions.

If you have held your learners for 2 years, you probably qualify.

There is some basic paperwork to complete, asking why can't you complete 100 hours.

No supervisor, No Car, Limited access to roads for examples are reasons to apply.

If you're under the 2 years you need 2 forms.

Firstly the logbook exemption as above.

Secondly there is a tenure exemption to complete,

stating a urgency to get your licence,

you need it for Medical, Educational, Employments needs.

Proof will be required.

your instructor can help with these

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