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Are you one of the many candidates looking to do a practical driving test at Sherwood test centre? In this article, we briefly discuss some of the things to be aware of when doing an actual driving test at Sherwood. However, we recommend doing some practice with a driving instructor in Sherwood or someone who knows the area well. Our driving school can also help you prepare for a driving test at Sherwood driving test centre

Some Sherwood Driving Test Centre Tips

Speed Limits

Sherwood is one of those centres that have a variety of speed limits. You may be driving in a 50km/hr zone, and the speed may suddenly change to 40km/hr. In order to successfully pass a driving test at Sherwood driving test centre, It is essential to make sure that you read the signs posted on the road. Usually, the speed limit appears at the beginning of an intersection. 

Stop Signs & Give Way

Sherwood test centre also has a lot of stop signs, and it is important to always stop before the line. Many candidates usually stop behind a vehicle and think that this is enough. It is still necessary to stop when the front of the car is a solid white line

Form 1 Lane

Whenever you are driving on the road with two lanes, and they merge and become one lane, always check your mirrors and conduct a shoulder check. You do this to ensure that there is no car in the blind spot. Most of the cases, if you are in the left lane, you will also need to indicate right. Oxley Road is an example of roads with a lot of form 1 lane.

Traffic Lights

Many candidates doing a practical driving test usually confuse on who has the right of way at traffic lights. We recommend that you make yourself familiar traffic signals. You will need to know who gives way.

Generally when going straight,

A Red means stop behind the solid white line

A Yellow or amber means stop if it is safe to do so

A Green means go if going straight

When Turning, pay attention to the arrows,

A green arrow means you can turn

Red arrow indicates you cannot proceed

If there is no arrow and you are turning left, you can safely turn but pay attention to any pedestrians who may be attempting to cross

When you are making a right turn, and there is no arrow, you will need to give way to any oncoming traffic

Example of Sherwood Test Route

Off-road Driving Assessment

In this section, we discuss a typical Sherwood driving test route. Firstly, you will need to arrive at the Sherwood driving test centre at least 10 minutes before the test is due to commence. You will need to go inside the office to register and fill out the paper works. A driving examiner will then come out and ask you to identify the vehicle you will be using for your practical driving test. Your indicators, brake lights, tyres and horn will be tested to ensure that they are working. If for some reason the vehicle is not roadworthy, the test will not go ahead, and your booking fee may not be refunded. We recommend that if you are unsure about your vehicle’s road worthiness,  then using a driving school car will be a good idea.


On-road Driving Assessment

You will then be directed to drive out of the centre, and asked to turn right or left into Primrose street. In this example, we are turning right into Primrose street then turning right again into Sherwood road. You can then be asked to turn right at the traffic lights into Oxley road. Following that road for a few kilometres, we pass through a couple of traffic signals. The speed limit also changes from 60km/hr to 40km/hr then back to 60km/hr at Corinda. Following Oxley road, we arrive at a small three exits roundabout which can sometimes get busy. Continuing straight through that roundabout, we arrive at Oxley big and busy roundabout. Also depending on the time of your test, you will need to pay attention to the school zones. Turning left at Oxley roundabout, we drive towards Ipswich motorway. 

Currently, there is a major construction project going on, which means that the speed limit may change every time. You will then need to merge to the motorway then take the right lane as the left two lanes exits. From here, you will be asked to take the Rocklea exit then head back to Sherwood. 

Also, the test covers a few manoeuvres can such as three-point turn, parallel parking or straight-line reverse.

What Should I do to pass my test on 1st attempt at Sherwood Test Centre?

Arrive at the test centre on time

Do one hour pre-test driving lesson to boost your confidence

Do a lot of practice with your instructors as well as supervisor

Read the signs especially if you are doing the test in an unfamiliar area.

Revise the road rules on the Qld Transport website

Stay calm and make sure to focus when driving

Prepare and scan the road ahead

Using the driving school car is beneficial

To Book a test call our office 0491042141

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