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At Briswide Driving School we look forward to  disrupting our industry everyday.

And inspire more people to achieve there dream by gaining a licence.

We offer the lowest commission rates by any known Brisbane School

We will NEVER charge you 20-25% + GST. or more like some.

You know who they are, your probably working there now.

Briswide is for the  Learner and Instructor, not a owners 2nd holiday home in the UK or new BMW.

We don't have a fancy office and jet set of to the UK several times a year to visit family and friends on holidays.

We want to offer competitive rates to the learners and have the instructor take that home.

We wont steal take off 20% then 10% GST

Needing Southside Auto x 1 & Manual x 1

Covering Wynumm & Greenslopes Test Centres

Needing Northside Auto

Carseldine to Caboolture x 1

City to Carseldine x 1

Here's our offer.

We will NEVER charge you 20-25% + GST. or more like some.

We don't own holiday homes or Drive a X5 BMW worth $100k

We want partners to grow with us.

Not just instructors.

Hence our ridiculously low commissions as we don't want to profit. You and most importantly the learner Does !

24/7 online Booking System, never miss a booking from missed calls.

NO COMMISSIONS  at all to begin with for the right person.

Must Have Keys2drive


and say hi,  let us know a little about yourself.

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