test day with briswide


After you  book your Queensland driving test, most of our regular students choose to take there instructors car for the test.

There is no hard and fast rule to using our car, but having those dual controls there makes everyone feel more secure.


Please allow  2.5 hours for this package.


1, Your booking includes:

2,   Pick up from home, work or other nearby location.

3,   One hour pre test lesson

4,   Assistance with processing

g any paperwork at Queensland transport

5,  Use of driving school vehicle for test

6,  Attendance to post test debrief

7,  Assistance with licence issue

8  Return home/work or nearby location

if you book online please book pick up 60 min before test start time.

11.55 Test = 10.45am pick up for example



Want to pass on first  go?

Briswide Driving School instructors know some of the popular driving test routes at all the local test centres.

They can take you around these routes and help you gain the confidence needed to pass.

We also have a mock test where the instructor assesses your chances, and can address anything needed. Our mock test is very popular and many people take it to boost their chance of passing the actu

al practical driving test at your local test centre. On average those who book the mock test with us have a 95% chance of passing the Queensland Transport driving test. You can book the mock test using our secure online booking 

At Briswide driving school, It Doesn't matter if you need test practice, or starting out, we have you covered.
Learning to drive is life’s most exciting experience for anyone’s life. So, It is extremely important that you get driving lessons from reputed driving schools to learn proper and safe driving. Booking with Briswide driving school is always a smart investment, as you get confidence in your own driving with extensive grip over traffic and road rules.
When our Briswide Instructors pick you up from home, they will then access if the student had any previous driving experience at another Driving Classes and level of knowledge of the Australian road rules. Then proceed with the lesson.

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